Goddard Auto Tech Center (GATC), Building 95

Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA)

Instructions For Disposal of Waste Products

Revised 6/26/06


1.              Due to legal agreements between Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), disposal of all waste products collected at this facility, other than tires, must be done only by members of the GATC who have undergone training as mandated by regulation.  Other than for disposal of tires, non-members may only use this facility when a GATC member is present and under their supervision.  Non-members may dispose of tires by reimbursing the GATC according to item 14 below.

2.              Prior to transferring fluid into the “Used Oil” tank, record the gauge reading and other information in the logbook on the appropriate orange log sheet as required by Code of Maryland Regulations

3.              The key for unlocking the tank hatches is located below the sign-in sheet.  Make sure to lock the hatches when finished to prevent unauthorized use.  Also, remember to return the key to its proper location. 

4.              To prevent overflows and according to GSFC regulation, no fluids should be added to any tanks once 80% capacity has been reached, i.e. a little more than 3/4 indicated.  Notify a GATC officer when any tank reaches 80% capacity.

5.              Make sure that products go into the proper tanks, drums, or containers as follows.  Do not contaminate the products.  Products not listed cannot be disposed here.  If unsure, consult with an officer.

Used Oil – crankcase and gear oils, transmission and power steering fluids (no refrigerant oils), 20 gallon black roll-around oil drain inside and 500 gallon red tank outside

Used Antifreeze – no flush water, 180 gallon green tank outside

Used Oil Filters – and diesel fuel filters, 55 gallon drum inside, crush before placing in drum

Used Gasoline Filters – 5 gallon container inside, drain filters and put gasoline into the waste gasoline container

Waste Gasoline – 5 gallon container inside, should be only small quantity from the filter

Used Brake Fluid – 5 gallon container inside

Oil Spill Debris – oil soaked sorbent, rags, and paper, 5 gallon container inside

Waste Aerosols – empty or unneeded spray cans, 5 gallon container inside, none chlorinated

Scrap Metal and Lead Acid Batteries – pallet next to the green used anti-freeze tank.  Batteries must be kept upright to prevent spillage.

Lead Tire Weights – 5 gallon container next to the tire balancer

6.              Containers are to always to be kept closed when not in use.

7.              Do not leave empty containers to litter the area outside the Garage.  Dispose of them.

8.              Keep the area clean and free of spills.  Clean up spills immediately.  Notify a GATC officer if the area is not in order.

9.              If a serious spill condition exists that can get into the environment, call the console at 911 immediately, then a GATC officer.  Make use of sorbent and the spill kit in the blue container to protect the environment.

10.         Contact a GATC officer if you are uncertain of any procedures or if you have any questions.

11.         Chlorinated solvents (i.e. brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner) are prohibited at the Garage

12.         Please neatly stack the tires.  If you are a non-member, or a member disposing of more than 4 tires per year, please reimburse the GATC $2 per tire to cover disposal fees.  Send a check to: Goddard Auto Tech Center, Code 030.4, Greenbelt, MD 20771.  Thank you.  




Ken Blumenstock                             

President, GATC




ATTENTION:  Please keep the log book in its designated location.