Revised 6/26/06


All members of the Goddard Auto Tech Center (GATC) are required to use the Garage facilities in a manner that will maintain a safe and clean environment.   I acknowledge the following:


·         I have read and I understand the contents of the Club’s constitution, by-laws, and operating rules and I agree to abide by them.

·         I realize that observation of an electric welder arc requires a full cover mask with the appropriate ultra darkened glass.  The lighter glass goggles intended for oxy-acetylene use can cause permanent eye injury if used to observe an electric welder arc.

·         I will handle wastes at the Garage according to the prescribed procedures.

·         I will make sure that I understand how to operate Garage equipment in a safe manner before I use that equipment.  I will read manuals and inquire with those more experienced as necessary.

·         I realize that one should never put themselves under a vehicle that is supported by hydraulics.  That means vehicles lifted by a hydraulic jack must be lowered onto jack stands before going under the vehicle.

·         I am aware that stands must be used on a secure, level surface.  Jack stands can sink into hot asphalt and can lead to a vehicle falling.

·         I realize that one should never go under a vehicle that is on a hydraulic lift, unless the lift has been lowered such that it is mechanically locked, so that the vehicle is not supported by hydraulics.

·         I am aware that the center of gravity of a vehicle needs to be near the post on the 2-post lift.

·         I understand that when working with machinery with moving parts, one should never wear gloves, which can result in serious injury.

·         I am aware that when using the pedestal grinder, one should never stand in front of the grinding wheel, even though the grinder guards and safety goggles provide some protection, due to the fact that the stone can fly apart and cause serious injury.

·         I know that one should not grind soft materials, such as aluminum, which plugs the stone and overheats, then leading to the possibility of the stone disintegrating and flying apart,

·         I realize that all equipment in the Garage can lead to serious injury if not used properly and without following the prescribed safety procedures and without making use of the proper safety equipment.

·         I will use eye, ear, foot, chemical, and other protection when appropriate.

·         I will protect myself from the parts washer chemicals by wearing chemical resistant gloves.

·         I will make certain that I do not create a safety hazard for others at the Garage.

·         I will keep the Garage at least as clean and orderly as when I found it.

·         I will empty the trash cans into the dumpster when needed.

·         I will keep the tools clean and orderly, and will report discrepancies to an officer.

·         If I find a hazard at the Garage, I will either remedy it, or contact an Officer.

·         Spills on the floor create a slipping hazard and should be cleaned up immediately.

·         I realize that unsafe conditions can exist at the GATC Garage and that it is my own responsibility to recognize such conditions and to protect myself from injury.

·         I will be diligent in seeing to it that the GATC Garage is kept clean, orderly, and safe, by either my own efforts and/or by contacting an officer when I see discrepancies.



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