Revised 6/26/06


All members of the Goddard Auto Tech Center (GATC) are required to be trained to properly handle wastes at the GATC Garage.  Training consists of reading and understanding the document entitled, “Instructions for Disposal of Waste Products,” as well as acknowledging the following statements.   I acknowledge the following:


·         I have read and I understand the contents of the document entitled, “Instructions for Disposal of Waste Products.” 

·         I realize that there are “hazardous” and “non-hazardous” wastes.

·         I am aware that “hazardous” and “non-hazardous” wastes should not be mixed together.

·         I will dispose of wastes into their appropriately designated containers.

·         I will keep the recycling containers in the Garage clean, orderly, and covered.

·         I will place crushed used oil filters into the designated 55 gallon drum inside the Garage.

·         I will log transfers into the “used oil” tank into the logbook.

·         I will check the level in the “used oil” tank before transferring “used oil” from the roll-around oil drain, to prevent tank overflow and to comply with Maryland state law.

·         I will keep the parts washer covered when it is not in use.

·         I will not contaminate the parts washer solvent with other solvents.

·         I will see to it that the parts washer is clean after use.  I will also keep the inside of the parts washer gloves clean and free of solvent.

·         I will not remove solvent from the parts washer.

·         I realize that solvent contaminated products from the parts washer are a hazardous waste.

·         I am aware that small quantities of chlorinated solvents, such as from some brake and C-V joint cleaners, can turn our “used oil” tank contents into a hazardous waste, requiring costly removal as well as jeopardizing future club operations. 

·         I will not use or bring chlorinated solvents to the GATC Garage.

·         I realize that waste gasoline can also contaminate our “used oil” tank contents, as well as other solvents, so I will ensure that only the proper products go into the tank.

·         I will use the appropriately labeled drain pan for its intended use, or I will clean the pan after use so that the next person does not have to do so to prevent product contamination.  I will put the pan back in its storage location in a manner that will prevent the spillage of residue left in the pan. 

·         I understand that used mop water needs to be poured down the floor drains in the main bay area so that it passes through our oil/water separator.  No other products are to be poured down the floor drains.

·         No products may be poured down the sink drains without performing research to determine if it is appropriate and legal.

·         I am aware that oil spills outside the building must be properly cleaned up immediately.

·         I will take preventive measures to ensure that spills do not occur outside the building.

·         Drip pans must be used under vehicles parked outside that drip oil.  They must be weighted so as to not move in the wind.

·         Cars can only be washed in the designated area on the wash pad.  No engines or oily parts may be washed outside.

·         No engines, transmissions, or anything may be stored outside other than metal scrap neatly kept in its designated location next to the green anti-freeze tank.

·         Tires must be neatly stacked under roof next to the tanks.  This prevents a mosquito hazard.

·         If a spill occurs outside that cannot be controlled such that the product will get into the environment, I will call the emergency console at 911, and then I will contact an officer.

·         I am aware that a spill kit is kept in the Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA), near the tanks in a blue plastic drum.

·         I realize that the SAA must be kept clean, orderly, free of spills, and that containers or pans of oil or anti-freeze must not be left lying about.  The hatches on the tanks are to be kept closed and locked when not in use.

·         I will be diligent in seeing to it that the GATC Garage is kept in environmental compliance by either my own efforts and/or by contacting an officer when I see discrepancies.



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